How It Works

Main Dash Board

The dashboard of MentorBox allows users to get mentored as a company or as a learning group. The two-fold approach has been used keeping in mind of the nature in which a project team or a learning group can use MentorBox to their advantage.

Dashboard by Group – Many times there is a requirement of learning groups who are not directly involved in any project. Here the group may be classified under Financial Markets, Finance, Marketing, IT Development and so on and so forth. Once in a particular group, the administrator creates a team profile and a team card is displayed. All users under a particular team card can then interact on the subject of their common interest.

Register & Login

Register your group or organization by filling the form and choosing one of the two categories, get approval by admin and login to your Dashboard.

Manage Groups/Projects

Add people to your group, assign mentors to your projects and work on different projects and manage them without any hassle.



The “User Dashboard” pulls down the following tools / plugin’s that can be used for different purposes as mentioned below :-


Use whiteboard to share your content with your group collaborate your plans, drawings, and other materials and share or download for external use. Draw freehand and display pretty shapes on whiteboard with the help of shape recognition.


Create a virtual meeting room with the help of video conferencing, share your screen with your mentors and group members.


The Document Manager allows the user to create different documents that are going to be consumed by the team/project. Each file gives information about its author when it was created and other file credentials.


The File Manager allows the users of the team to organize the files created in the process to store it on the server so that it can be downloaded later on for reference or otherwise.

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